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I first met SARCRAFT founder Alex Bryant in September of 2017 at the "Sunday Afternoon Bushcraft" Plant Medicine class.

Right away, I knew there was something different as compared to all the other instructors I had trained with and we have become like family over the past year as I have advanced my skills under their expert guidance.

From their website (


Alexander Bryant holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Reinhardt University, where he served as Student Body President and was named Undergraduate Student of the Year upon graduation. He worked in sales for a Fortune 100 financial services corporation before realizing the corporate world wasn't for him. He is an Eagle Scout, and credits the Boy Scouts with starting him down the road that led him to co-found SARCRAFT. He is hiker trash and proud of it, having hiked over 1,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail, as well as logging hundreds of miles backpacking on other trails in Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. He currently serves as Charlie Squad Leader for Cherokee County Fire/EMS Wilderness Search & Rescue Team, as well as a volunteer trainer for Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department Office of Emergency Management. He is one of two currently active search & rescue personnel with the NASAR SARTECH I certification in the state of Georgia, as well as an NREMT-certified Emergency Medical Responder. If he’s not working on SARCRAFT or his other company, Etowah Valley Rifleworks, he’s backpacking in the North Georgia mountains or reading historical nonfiction. 


"SARCRAFT is an outdoor skills school based in Waleska, Georgia. We specialize in the areas of wilderness survival, bushcraft, and search & rescue training/consulting. Our partners are trained and certified at the highest levels of the search & rescue field, with several decades of experience between them effectively responding to the most challenging wilderness search operations. We believe this makes us uniquely qualified to instruct others in the life-safety skills which we ourselves have effectively used in the field. During the course of our careers in search operations, we realized that if most of our lost subjects had possessed a basic set of wilderness survival skills, the unforeseen circumstances they faced in the wild would have been just another part of their adventure instead of an emergency. It was this calling to educate and train outdoor enthusiasts in the skills they needed to prevail in the wild that led us to found SARCRAFT.

SARCRAFT offers courses in wilderness survival, bushcraft, navigation, and outdoor recreation for civilian outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a variety of training courses specifically for search & rescue, EMS, and law enforcement field personnel. In addition, we host preparatory courses for the National Association for Search & Rescue’s rigorous SARTECH I and II exams. At SARCRAFT, we seek to become the outdoor education industry standard in our areas of specialization, and in doing so, bestow the skills necessary to preserve life onto those who venture into the wild. We as a company aspire to excellence in all things – quality of instruction, innovation in content and teaching techniques, and providing a truly unique and memorable customer experience."

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